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It's Time To Take Your Business Digital new
Rapid advances in technology have changed the way organizations conduct business. There is a growing trend towards creating a digital business that is fueled by the multitude of new technologies available and allows you to make data and key metrics accessible to your customers and employees. During this webcast you willl learn the fundamentals of digital business and how to start applying them, how to leverage visual communications and devices, how to leverage data from a multitude of databases and devices; and best practice examples.
Emerging Digital Signage Technologies - The Future of Interactivity - Doug Bannister
As digital signage continues to grow and become more popular its uses are also evolving. Engaging and empowering audiences through the use of interactivity has become a key differentiator for many organizations. This webcast will look at the future of interactive technologies in relation to digital signage. Technologies to be discussed include touch and multi-touch, augmented reality, gesture control, mobile and social media integration.
Emerging Technologies
The popularity of digital signage is growing at a rapid pace, and applications within organizations are always evolving. In the never ending quest for a better viewer experience, many new technologies are hitting the marketplace and vying for attention. Which innovations are clear winners? Which ones address specialized niches? This webcast that will look at emerging display, mobile and interactive technologies and highlight the pros and cons of each. Technologies to be discussed include interactive systems – touch, multi-touch, and gesture control; display – 4K video, curved screens, transparent screens; mobile connectivity – QR codes, NFC, iBeacon, Bluetooth LE, sonic connections, SMS texting, Email.
Driving Sales Volume with Digital Menuboards
The presence of digital menu boards has grown substantially as companies recognize the revenue and cost cutting benefits of moving away from traditional static displays. From stadiums and quick service restaurants, to universities and amusement parks, businesses in a variety of industries are turning to digital signage to help improve efficiency and drive sales revenue. During this webinar you will learn how digital signage enables you to improve revenue generation with sales uplift and advertising; reduce costs by moving away from existing print and static signage; easily react to changes and update messaging; prices and product info in real-time; improve brand awareness and message effectiveness; and enhance imagery and graphics.