Omnivex Technical Services

Technical Services

Multi-purpose service and support

The Omnivex Technical Services team provides value-added services that will help your organization get the most out of your digital signage investment. We offer a wide range of support services and prepacked services which address all of your digital signage system's needs.

Remote diagnostics, on-site installation, project consulting, software customizations and our in-depth training, coupled with the generous benefits of our well-regarded support and maintenance program, ensures that you get the right message to the right person at the right time.

Enlisting the services of Omnivex early in the planning stages ensures that you have access to our extensive knowledge of digital signage system integration. Our proven track record in hardware, software and networking ensures your success.

Requirements Analysis

Requirements Analysis brings stakeholders together to uncover needs, sets project success criteria and designs the best solution to meet your needs. Get the right plan and solution architecture in place up front to reduce risks, ensure a successful implementation and a smooth transition to ongoing operations.


Omnivex services can provide you with guidance and best practices for the design and implementation of your solution. Our team has extensive experience to draw from, having implemented a wide range of solutions and applications for clients across many industries.

Project Management

Experienced Omnivex project managers will coordinate the resources assigned to your project, in order to ensure it remains on track and on budget from the beginning through to the end.


Creative Design

Our creative team can provide you with graphical design, custom layout concepts, video and/or motion graphics services

Draw on the experience of our creative team to develop custom eye catching content quickly.

Content Architecture

Omnivex services can design and architect real-time data driven solutions that deliver on your creative vision.

Our vast solution knowledge, combined with our customer’s creative vision, have allowed us to develop award winning and eye-catching solutions.


Testing of your solution should include both pre-production testing in a development environment and in-production testing as the solution is being rolled out.

Effective testing ensures a smooth initial deployment and a dependable ongoing solution.


For highly customized solutions, Moxie’s functionality can be extended through scripting, using IronPython.

Our in-depth understanding of Moxie and IronPython allow us to efficiently build extensions that meet your needs.


What we do

We can create, test and configure your hardware and software set-up to ensure that what you dream your digital signage solution to be becomes a reality.

The benefits

Our engineers can provide installation services, onsite or remotely, around the globe. Leverage our expertise to get your system up and running, quickly and reliably.


Omnivex provides a number of support services to help you both during deployment and once you are live.


Have a dedicated engineer assigned to your solution, either onsite or remotely, on the day it goes live. Get immediate response to any issues that arise, in order to ensure your solution launch day goes smoothly.


Our engineers are available to assist with issues or answer questions via phone and email during regular support hours - from 8am to 6pm Eastern time,  Monday to Friday (excluding Canadian statutory holidays). 

Emergency Support

In addition to our standard support hours, emergency on-call support is available via telephone outside of regular hours.


Omnivex provides forums on our website to empower users to share ideas and participate in discussions. Omnivex engineers moderate and participate in these forums to share their knowledge and experience with the user community.

Technical Account Management

Omnivex provides a named Technical Account Manager (TAM) who is assigned to your account for the duration of the engagement. Your TAM becomes deeply familiar with your environment, has access to Omnivex development for issue resolution, is an advocate and coordinator for escalations & feature requests, cultivates knowledge with your team through best practice sharing, briefings and roadmap sessions.