Instructional Videos


Instructional Videos

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Our instructional videos are designed to get you up-and-running quickly so you can be more productive using your Omnivex solution. For detailed training, we offer instructor led classroom and eLearning courses. You can pick the method that best fits your learning style and budget. Both are organized in tracks (Designer, Administrator and Architect) to suit your interest.


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Registering the software
Shows how to quickly and easily register the Display Director software and install your registration key.
Upgrading Display Director
This video demonstrates how to quickly check for software upgrades, then download and install the newest version of Display.
Exploring the workspace
This video offers an overview of Display Director. Familiarize yourself with the Display software environment and the unique elements that make up the Display Director user interface.
How Display Director, Player and DataPipe Server work together
Shows how the powerful combination of Omnivex Display and DataPipe software work together to send data to your screens.
Running Player as a screen saver
Want your Display content played without anyone logged onto the PC? Use the Player screen saver feature to show your content while maintaining security on your PC.
Setting the defaults
Get started with Display Director by changing the application settings for the default device configurations, the DataPipe communication settings and FTP transfers to your Display Player.
DataPipe Offsets
Save time and effort by using the DataPipe offsets feature of Display to send different data to various devices on your network, while using the same design file and data set.
Working with design files
Create and configure new layouts for content with the unique look and feel of your brand. Insert any image into your background to act as a "skin" for your layout.
Working with Devices
Create and configure new Display Devices, setting their properties to match those of your real-world digital display devices.
Working with playlists.wmv
Use the playlist feature to dynamically change what content is shown on your display.