amber alert on bus
Jenn Gvozdek | August 27, 2018
In the movies, every hero needs a partner to help them fight crime. It’s no different in real life! But rather than calling upon a single costumed crusader, law enforcement and government officials increasingly depend on digital communications. Digital display technology helps distribute...
women looking at arrival and departure screens
Jenn Gvozdek | August 20, 2018
Digital signage is impacting how we live and work in a variety of ways, including how we use mass transit. Omnivex enhances the commuter experience by providing critical data and cutting-edge solutions that transform the way people travel. Learn more in our video blog.
students in university building
Jenn Gvozdek | August 15, 2018
College and university campuses operate very much like a self-contained community. In a “plugged-in” world where technology has the attention of so many individuals, this can cause a disconnect. Digital communications provide a way to integrate technology into campuses, making them a...
globe image with lights
Jenn Gvozdek | June 27, 2018
Information used to be difficult to come by. It was hard to collect and tough to analyze. Today, that’s no longer the case. We are drowning in information—so much so that the vast majority of the data businesses collect goes completely unused. Seems like quite a waste, right?...