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Understanding the Basics of Digital Design

By Rich Archer | November 11, 2019

You’ve got the equipment. You’ve invested in the technology. Your digital signage display is ready to go. So what’s next? Obviously, there’s more to it than simply inputting the desired text and uploading an image or two. You need a bit of theory—a few sound principles...
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Ultimate Guide to Designing Awesome Digital Signage

By Rich Archer | October 29, 2019

The medium changes, art remains. The digital age has brought an untold number of new opportunities to artists. In the 1600’s an artist might sculpt clay or paint on large canvas. Today, some of the best artists are creating digital animations or designing apps.   Digital...
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Don't Leave Your Data in the Dark

By Jenn Gvozdek | October 25, 2019

One of the fundamental reasons for taking your business digital is to better leverage existing resources like data. Using digital signage software you have the ability to utilize the volumes of data collected over the years and still being collected to improve areas like your digital communications...
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Say No To These Digital Signage Myths

By Doug Bannister | October 21, 2019

Digital signage is not technology of the future, but is very much the technology of today. Businesses of all sizes put this electronic medium to use and enjoy a positive return on investment. Digital signs can increase sales, boost foot traffic, and offer a dynamic advertising medium with the...
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