Nu Skin

Future-proofing the retail experience

By Jenn Gvozdek | March 18, 2019

Founded in 1984, NU SKIN is a health and beauty company that develops and sells over 200 personal care products. Listed on the New York Stock Exchange, Nu Skin’s products are available in around 50 markets all over the world through a multi-level marketing business model, which is made up of...
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woman with tablet

Omnivex Guide to Digital Signage & Modern Marketing

By Jenn Gvozdek | March 14, 2019

In today's technology driven world, digital marketing strategies are rapidly superseding traditional marketing methods. Digital signage is a leading tactic as it reaches 70% of the public each year. It’s flexible, allowing for updates and changes, collects data, customizable, and it...
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people walking network overlayed

Are Your Communications on the Edge?

By Doug Bannister | February 21, 2019

Edge computing is becoming more prevalent and with its growth comes impact. Various types of edge computing affect communications and their deployment. There are lots of factors involved in edge computing and to be able to optimize it in communications, you must understand how its deployed, used...
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finger drawing arrow pointing up to right

Generating a Tangible ROI with Digital Signage

By Doug Bannister | February 13, 2019

Digital signage is now found in nearly every corner of the modern world, and a substantial swath of new companies are discovering the benefits of strategic messaging that can be deployed across the globe via the simple touch of a button. However, the question many newcomers are asking, though, is...
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