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Digital Signage & Human Resources

By Jenn Gvozdek | March 23, 2020

When people think about digital signage, they often think of digital signs that are installed in retail or hospitality locations for the benefit of customers. However, there are a multitude of applications for digital signage ranging from wayfinding to scheduling to entertainment to many more....
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Podcast - The ABCs of Emerging Digital Communication Technologies

By Doug Bannister | March 11, 2020

Doug Bannister, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Omnivex Corporation, started his company in 1991. There’s been a considerable transformation of technology in those near 30 years, and Bannister’s got a great handle on looking down the road, assessing the future of technology and...
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3 Reasons to display digital KPIs in your office

By Jenn Gvozdek | March 9, 2020

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) provide actionable metrics that most organizations use to keep their strategy on track and enable them to manage, control and achieve desired business results.  Historically, KPIs have often been tracked in spreadsheets and scorecards that were...
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Creating an Integrated Digital Experience

By Doug Bannister | March 9, 2020

Creating an integrated digital experience is easier than you think. First let's breakdown what we mean by "integrated". Integration can take many different shapes and forms. One of the most common approaches is integrating information from various sources such as news and weather...
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