woman cleaning in pandemic setting

eBook - Digital Communications in a Post-Pandemic World

Jenn Gvozdek, Marketing Manager
May 19, 2021

Relevant, real-time information has never been as important as it has been since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Information helps put people at ease, set expectations, provide alerts about new policies and procedures, and much more. As organizations adjust to a new normal, digital signage provides a powerful tool to utilize not only to inform people and keep them safe, but also for a multitude of other applications.

Read our eBook - Digital Communications in a Post-Pandemic World and learn about applications for digital signage, including:

  • Wait times - Manage long line ups caused by new capacity and security regulations.
  • Emergency messaging and situation management - Share critical real-time information and health updates.
  • General information and advertising - Easily share and update important health tops, procedures, and information resources.
  • Crowd control - Monitor and track people entering and leaving facilities to manage capacity restrictions.
  • Virtual 'receptionist' - Monitor who is visiting your oce without the need for a person at a reception desk.
  • Room signage and desk hoteling - Easily indicate both the number of people and/or the individual names of people in rooms.
  • Access control - Monitor high traffic areas and control who has access to them.
  • Virtual Queueing - Leverage digital signage and mobile apps to share information on place in line without physically being in line.
  • Entertainment - Update and engage people while they wait in line.
  • Outdoor signage - Make real-time information available on individual digital screens and/or digital billboards.