How Digital Communications Can Transform HR

Doug Bannister, Founder & CTO
October 22, 2018
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Recent advancements in digital communications are disrupting a wide variety of industries, including transportation, insurance, and hotels. It’s also disrupting departments such as human resources. Once viewed as a support function, Human Resources (HR) is now poised to take a leadership position in digital transformation. HR departments are exploring new applications, platforms, and ways of working.

HR Leaders are Driving Organizations to Embrace Digital Tools

According to Deloitte, 56 percent of companies are redesigning their human resources programs to leverage digital and mobile tools. Additionally, 41 percent are actively building mobile apps to deliver HR services and 33 percent of human resources teams are using AI to provide HR solutions to their employees.

Over the past few years, many companies have replaced their legacy talent systems with integrated HR platforms. Now that the technology is in place, human resources has turned its focus to people, work, and platforms to create a set of practices Deloitte calls “digital HR.” This strategy has become essential to creating the systems and tools necessary to attract and retain young, digitally savvy workers who are comfortable doing things themselves and sharing information in a transparent way. These workers demand an integrated, digital experience at work, designed around teams, productivity, and empowerment. It is up to human resources to deliver this digital experience

Advanced Technology is Changing the Way HR Works

Although in its infancy, AI is used in a number of innovative ways in HR. Chatbot services, such as Wade and Wendy, and Mya, help companies acquire talent, convert job seekers into applicants, and deliver informed recommendations throughout the recruiting process. The technology does this by showing prospective employees job opportunities in the company, helping with their career strategies, and allowing them to better understand the organization’s culture.

Additionally, artificial Intelligence is utilized in software to help human resource professionals write better job descriptions. Crowdsourcing is used by Glassdoor’s Know Your Worth and LinkedIn Salary to collect anonymous data on millions of salaries. This allows professionals to compare their compensation package against those offered in similar jobs by city, tenure, industry, and even company.

Embracing Digital Communications Can Make Organizations More Efficient

Leveraging digital tools empowers HR professionals to help employees do their jobs better. Digital signage enhances employee experience by providing real-time information about KPIs. As well as, highlighting goals, and sharing  news, weather and safety information. Mobile apps enable organizations to stay connected with employees out in the field. These apps provide employees with relevant company information and access to necessary tools. Integrating digital signage and mobile apps provides a new way to tackle training and coaching across a dispersed workforce.

The workplace of the future is digital. HR teams that embrace digital communications will transform their organization, enhancing employee experience and creating competitive advantage.