Interact and Engage With Your Audience

Doug Bannister, Founder & CTO
January 6, 2015
crowd with arms in air cheering

Whether you are trying to reduce perceived wait times or convey key sponsor messages and promotions or enabling your audience with a self-service kiosk, visual communications provide a powerful solution for engagement. In sporting arenas visual communications using devices such as digital signs make up a huge part of the fan experience. From the time a fan enters the arena to the concession stands, to their seats digital signs play a huge role in creating an interactive and engaging visit. At one arena in the United States a fan can scan their ticket to find out where their seat is, a map on how to get there and a view of what the action will look like from their seats. In another arena a large video wall, lit pillars and other screens run sponsor messages, eye catching video and other key images to create and immersive fan experience.

In airports the ability to empower individuals help themselves with self-service kiosks is a key focus. From interactive wayfinding screens within the airport to help people efficiently get from one location to another, to screens providing real-time updates on flight schedules, to the GPS tracking of shuttle buses so passengers can see how long they have to wait for a bus to the terminal, data-driven digital signage is having a huge impact.