Innovating together

Omnivex software is developed through an iterative process. We test each day’s production on a large test bed of machines to ensure quality conformance of our code. Our test bed includes hardware configurations from several dedicated manufacturers who work with us to ensure best results for our customers. These configurations also reside in our technical support test lab to duplicate customer issues and develop solutions around specific customer requirements. The information below is provided to aid customers in selection of the appropriate products for their installations based on ongoing testing. For detailed specifications, we have provided a link to the manufacturer’s web site and a link to our Forums for discussion about each product. Customers are not limited to these configurations; we publish generic specifications in our knowledge base for our major products.

Daily development testing runs through a growing series of automated coded UI tests. Regression and technical support testing is more focused on observational results from customer use scenarios. Your results may vary due to configuration, network requirements, cabling and content.

Omnivex is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. We test each software release on a variety of operating systems and publish the list in our knowledge base (See KB308 for a list of operating systems for current software products). Although manufacturer configurations may vary, we use Windows 10 Pro for Moxie Player testing on Partner hardware connected to a single HD (1920x1080) display.


Microsoft Gold Certified Partner