Solution Overviews

An Omnivex solution gives you the ability to anticipate and keep pace with change. Explore how a single solution functions across departments and can help achieve real business goals.

Moxie - Digital Signage Software

Omnivex Moxie is for managing digital signage networks. It can handle rich content, high-resolution media and real-time information out of the box. Built into Moxie is the intelligence to automatically react to dynamic data so your content is always relevant.

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Display - Content Management

Omnivex Display 3 provides you with the tools to centrally manage all of your content for an effective and responsive digital signage system. The Omnivex Display solution is scalable and uses standard protocols and Microsoft Windows architecture.

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Control - Device Management

Many of today's display devices have built-in diagnostics and the functionality to provide status feedback. Omnivex Control takes advantage of these features. The management of your display system's devices is an important component which is often overlooked.

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DataPipe - Data Management

DataPipe is the central data repository and conduit which orchestrates data storage and delivery. The simplicity built into how DataPipe handles information guarantees robust data transfers to and from DataPipe. Listen to your data; all of it.

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