High Liner Foods Incorporated is a processor and marketer of superior quality seafood products, sold under the High Liner® and Fisher Boy® brands through major retail stores, restaurants, and food service institutions throughout North America.

High Liner Foods Inc. employs approximately 450 people in Canada, and an additional 200 in the United States. The Lunenburg, Nova Scotia location focuses on production for the Canadian retail and food service markets, and is also the location of the company's Corporate headquarters. Toronto, Ontario is home to the Canadian Sales & Marketing offices. In the United States, High Liner Foods is headquartered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire where the frozen seafood production and distribution for the retail markets in the U.S. and Mexico takes place. Portsmouth is also the location of the U.S. Sales and Marketing team.


The Scope: 

High Liner wanted to improve employee communications with timely distribution of information. Employee satisfaction surveys revealed that their employees wanted more information about the company and its business strategies. With over 250,000 square feet and over 400 employees, Lunenburg is the location of one of the most modern and diversified food processing plants in the world. They decided that a digital signage system would be the most effective solution.

They wanted to be able to create and manage their own "High Liner TV" featuring company and community events, employee benefits information, job postings, corporate office messages, and production and sales figures. High Liner knew they needed to find a software system that was easy to learn and use, flexible, scaleable, and as automated as possible. The Human Resources Department would manage the system, with some operations information posted by the Office Coordinators at the Lunenburg and Portsmouth locations. They did not want the operation and maintenance of this system to be a full-time job. After speaking with another Omnivex Customer in the region who was operating their own internal digital signage system, they contacted Omnivex.

The Solution: 

High Liner's HR department creates display templates consisting of a wide variety of content elements, using the High Liner Foods photoOmnivex Display Director interface. The templates are then scheduled to appear on specific displays or groups of displays using the Display Director's Scheduling page.

The Omnivex DataPipe management tools are used to automatically pull information from High Liner's existing data systems to display on the screens. By displaying weekly sales figures, inventory levels, and production information, employees are better informed about the operation.

Using Omnivex SQLLink, the Human Resources Manager is able to send messages directly to the displays from Lotus Notes®. The HR department also maintains a PowerPoint® presentation containing monthly production numbers, which is sent directly to the displays. Local text messages are updated through Internet Explorer® using Omnivex WebPad. Using Omnivex XMLLink, news information is pulled from CBC News and displayed as a ticker with top regional, national and world news stories.High Liner Foods

Current and forecasted weather, as well as sports scores are also displayed on selected screens.

Other graphical content created by the Human Resources and Marketing departments including product advertising, and event posters are copied to a folder on the network. From there, the Display system pushes this content down to each Player where the media files are run within a playlist on a designated area of the displays.

High Liner's Information Services department uses Omnivex Control software to confirm that the displays throughout the facilities are on, and functioning properly, without having to physically check on the screens. Other select users have the ability to connect into the screens to see what is playing at any given time.


High Liner Foods photoHigh Liner has had very positive feedback from their employees about the system. Employees are better informed about the company, production processes, and company events, and they find the content entertaining as they relax in the cafeteria. The company also uses the system for an initiatives program to enhance employee wellness, such as smoking cessation incentives and weight loss initiatives.

The system allows High Liner to distribute a greater variety of real time information to their employees, which has had a positive impact on the production process. "Because the system is so easy to use, we are able to constantly change and update the information we distribute. This keeps it fresh and relevant for our employees," said Natalie Shannon, Team Leader, HR Operations at High Liner. "It is an excellent business tool and there are no limits to what we can do with it."

The system was originally installed in the Lunenburg location, and has since expanded into the U.S. facility.