Omnivex Moxie Enterprise

If your organization has multiple buildings or locations and needs a powerful digital signage solution to enable efficient delivery of engaging content - Moxie Enterprise is for you. With Moxie Enterprise, you can build a single piece of content that will automatically adjust to display content unique to each location.  It is easy for local content contributors to further enhance the relevance of each communication.  It will empower your audience with targeted information to improve decision making and create a personalized customer experience.

The Moxie Enterprise solution is our most versatile product, it includes the:

Moxie Studio which is a feature rich design app

DataServer with the Sync Manager, Script Manager, and Permission Manager

Moxie DataSuite to leverage existing media assets and link them to real time events

Moxie Player with multi-format playback and local IoT device connection point

Moxie Enterprise provides maximum efficiency, audience engagement, flexibility, manageability, and scale.


Why Moxie Enterprise?

Easy to create - Moxie Studio design tools make it easy to create engaging messaging or interactive content

Design templates - Your license includes access to a variety of design templates and artwork to save you time

Data linking products - You have access to the full suite of Omnivex data linking products to leverage data from corporate systems (ERP, CRM, BI, POS, RFID, I/O)

Intelligent - With Moxie Enterprise you have the ability to create event triggered intelligent visual communications

On premise or cloud hosted - Select the infrastructure that best meets your business needs: On premise or cloud hosted

Test environments - Receive an additional license with your AMS subscription to establish a test environments allowing you to effectively roll out updates

Automation - Quicker updates and lower operating costs through automation

Need help to make it happen? We offer a range of services for every stage of the deployment - project management, content planning, media and content development, technical training, support and maintenance.