KB12: Your Display Player is stuck with the Status reading "Renaming Files"


When you transmit content to your Display Player, everything appears to transmit normally but when your Player's status changes to "Renaming Files" it stays that way and never finishes.


Your Display Player is attempting to rename the files that were just transmitted to it, but cannot complete the process. This happens when the Windows file system does not relinquish rights to a file used by your Display Player fast enough and your Player receives an access denied error message when it tries to overwrite the older file with the new file.


There is a setting in the Display Player options called File I/O Delay. If you increase the delay time, your Player waits longer before trying to overwrite the old files.

To increase the delay time:

  1. From Display Player, click Tools > Options. The Options dialog appears.
  2. Click the Advanced tab.
  3. In File I/O delay, type a higher value.

Increase the delay time until the Display Player consistently starts playing your content after each transfer from Display Director. Typically a setting of 1000 milliseconds resolves the issue.