KB122: Recommendations for backing up DataDisplay 5 files


The following is a description of the files we recommend creating backup versions of and a brief description of what the files contain.

  • We recommend creating a backup of all MSK and SPD files. We also recommend creating a folder named Content, located in: C:\Program Files\Omnivex\DataDisplay\Content, saving all MSK and SPD files to this folder, then creating a backup of the Content folder.
  • DataDisplay.INI, located in: C:\Program Files\Omnivex\DataDisplay, contains all the application settings configured as well as a list of all the MSK files that open when you launch DataDisplay.
  • Note: The list of MSK files that open when DataDisplay starts, use the full path name. This means that if you want to use your backup files, they need to be copied to the original file location of: C:\Program Files\Omnivex\DataDisplay\Content