KB126: When your design plays, it doesn't fit properly on your screen


When your design plays on your screen, some of your content is cut off or black bars appear around it.


Your design is too small or too large for your screen. This can be caused by:

  1. Your device running in a non-native resolution.
  2. Your design resolution doesn't match the native resolution of your screen.


In order for your content to fill your entire screen without any overlap or black bars, your screen needs to be running at its native resolution and your content needs to match that resolution.

To match the native resolution of your screen to your content:

  1. Check the owners manual of the display or the manufacturer's Website for the native resolution information. Note this information. Typically it is presented similarly to 1360 x 768 or 1920 x 1080.
  2. Ensure that the display screen is set to the native resoltuion:
    1. From the Player computer, click Start > Settings > Control Panel.
    2. Double-click Display. The Display Properties dialog box appears.
    3. Click the Settings tab.
    4. In Screen resolution, the native resolution of the display.
    5. Click OK.
  3. Check the resolution of your content:
    1. From Display Director, click
    2. Browse to find the DSP file that is being displayed incorrectly on the screen.
    3. In the bottom left corner of the Display window, check the resolution information of this DSP file.
  4. Compare the resolution of the DSP file to the native resolution of the screen. If the resolutions do not match, create a new DSP file at the correct resolution and add the content to it.