KB137: You want to add media files directly to Moxie for use in your content


Only media files that you have uploaded by including them in layouts and playlists are available in your Moxie Studio and you want to add media files directly to your Moxie database.


Using Omnivex Sync Manager, you can upload media files from a folder on your local computer or network to a folder on your Moxie database. The two folders are synchronized so that you can add files to one folder and they appear in the other.

To upload files to your Moxie database:

  1. Click Start > Programs > Omnivex > Omnivex Sync Manager. The Sync Manager window appears.
  2. Click Add Folder. The Add dialog box appears.
  3. In File System Path, click
  4. Browse to find the folder containing the file to upload.
  5. In Data Server Path, click
  6. Browse to the upload destination location.
  7. Click OK.