KB265: What's new in Moxie 6.09


This article lists the new features and changes in Moxie version 6.09. It is intended for anyone planning to upgrade their installation of Moxie 6.08. All Moxie components including the Data Server, Player, Studio and all related modules must be upgraded to 6.09 for proper operation.

Additional information

Version 6.09 of Moxie includes several new features and changes. For information on obtaining the latest Moxie release, contact Omnivex Technical Services.

New features

  • Access to Data Server or Proxy Connection Wizard through Start menu
  • Automatically generate wayfinding directory in Layout Designer
  • Connect unconnected point to an existing path segment through right-click option in a wayfinding map
  • Log entries now include item metadata
  • Monitor Moxie components using the new System Manager module
  • Moxie Data Server Performance Counter tool (MDSPC)
  • Option for displaying player transmission log in Player Manager
  • Option to automatically match content timeline duration to media file's duration
  • Player Manager and System Manager views include connection status icons
  • String manipulation action has new operation to remove characters from the end
  • Support for ClearQAM as a video capture source
  • Support for remote software upgrades
  • Support for using a locator in a dynamic value string when creating actions
  • Support for FIPS enabled computers


  • "Properties" button renamed to "Assign Permissions" in Permission Manager
  • "Select Columns" button renamed to "Columns" in Data Manager and Log Viewer
  • Color of Web content viewport handles changed for increased visibility
  • Communication improvements to increase responsiveness in multi-user environments
  • Communication optimizations for bandwidth constrained environments
  • Data Server performance enhanced to support more players
  • Debug information displayed over video capture content when enabled
  • Logging optimized to improve performance and scalability
  • Moxie application menu supports keyboard shortcuts
  • Pasted content item naming convention now standardized
  • Player deletion and remote software upgrade moved from Player Manager to System Manager
  • Player Manager view filter now supports connection status
  • Playlist playback mode property "Random" changed to "Shuffled"
  • Pressing ENTER while editing cell data moves focus to row below
  • Stretch properties "Fill" and "Uniform" changed to "Stretch to Fit" and "Proportional"
  • Table of point data in Map Builder now includes point icons
  • Thumbnail navigator in Map Builder now shows paths
  • Video capture content display optimized
  • Adding named pipes to Player Monitor bypasses Windows message lockups