KB305: You cannot perform a remote upgrade of Moxie Player on a Windows 8 computer because of UAC


You see a message in the Moxie System Manager module indicating that one or more of your Moxie Players cannot be upgraded because User Account Control (UAC) is enabled, regardless of the fact that UAC is disabled as displayed in the Windows Control Panel.


When Microsoft released Windows 8, and in order to accommodate Windows Store applications, they introduced new system registry value to describe UAC configuration states.

Moxie Player is designed to check for a specific registry value to ensure that it is safe to attempt an upgrade. This check is performed in order to prevent various potential upgrade problems that could occur if UAC is either enabled or configured in an unexpected way. Since the new Windows 8 UAC registry value is not recognized as one of the safe UAC states, Moxie Player reports that UAC is not configured as expected and refuses to attempt a remote upgrade.


Omnivex will address this issue in a future Moxie release. This future version will need to be installed on all Moxie Player host computers running Windows 8 (either by running the setup file or using a third-party deployment tool to silently install Moxie Player) so that subsequent upgrades can be performed remotely. UAC will still need to be disabled for remote upgrades to perform as expected on Windows 8 computers but the number of supported UAC registry values will be increased to accommodate the new Windows 8 UAC states.

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Was this information helpful?