KB325: What's new in Moxie 6.15


This article lists the new features and changes in Moxie version 6.15. It is intended for anyone planning to upgrade their installation of Moxie 6.14. All Moxie components including Data Server, Player, Studio, and services, must be upgraded to 6.15 in order to ensure compatibility.

Additional information

For information on obtaining the latest Moxie release, contact Omnivex Technical Services.

New features

  • Updated versions of the following linking products are included with the Moxie installer:
    • CalendarLink 3.06.032
    • DataPipe Client and Server 3.07.032
    • IOLink 3.08.028
    • XMLLink 3.08.032
    • QuickLink 6.01.5682
  • The Moxie Studio has been updated with a “Modern” view which makes the Studio customizable and helps increase design productivity. This view is enabled by default on new installations or can be accessed by clicking the “Modern” button in the ribbon on upgrades. Upgrades to existing installations will default to the Classic (original) view. Users can select the view they prefer in the ribbon.
  • A new Studio-only installer is available for installations that only require the Studio interface with no other Moxie components
  • The Moxie interface has been updated to accommodate screens with high DPI settings to enhance design capabilities
  • Frequently-used file management options have been added to the Quick Access Toolbar
  • A new method of rendering web content has been added to Layout Designer. This rendering type enables interaction with web content such as pinch and swipe
  • Support for sharing data between a native web zone and the Data Server has been added. This is achieved through the use of interactive JavaScript with user-defined variables.


  • DataPipe connection settings have been moved from the Data Manager to the System Manager options.
  • Layout Designer, layout properties are now accessed through the Layout tab of the ribbon
  • Player window properties have been moved to the General tab of the Properties in Player Manager

Enhancements and Fixes

  • Layout Designer:
    • Add a new action wizard now supports typing in the Select data item field
    • Data-binding for masks and map source now supported
    • Cylinder gauge has new Scale property called Value interpretation used to interpret the data value as a percent, show the literal value or hide the value
    • Mouse-pressed action on inserted layout content fires once
    • Ability to enter zero for Height and Width has been restored
    • Auto-shrink is applied to all text items in a range, when a transition between items exists
    • Performance enhancements to web content that enables RTSP streaming video with VLC plug-in. See KB 326 for details.
  • In Playlist Builder, multi-selecting items in a playlist and applying actions applies the actions to all selected items
  • Metadata:
    • user-defined height, width, bit-depth metadata values no longer conflict with system metadata with same name
    • date-based metadata are interpreted across time zones
  • Consistent operation when copying range of cells in the Data Manager  
  • Dialog for remote player upgrade has credentials restored so upgrade from pre-6.12 to 6.15 or later supports non-admin user   
  • Support for the numeric keypad minus key
  • Leading and trailing spaces are removed from name when:
    • creating or renaming a folder or workspace
    • saving a Moxie file

Known Issues

  • DPI setting differences between the Studio and player screens may cause a playback alignment issue while playing natively-rendered web content