KB50: You upgraded Display Player from Director, but your Player screen saver file didn't upgrade


You upgraded your Display Player remotely, using Display Director, but your Display Player screen saver file wasn't upgraded.


Upgrading your Display 3 Player remotely from the Display Director does not upgrade the Player SCR file.


Most of the time, when you upgrade your Director and Player, you don't need to upgrade your screensaver. If for any reason you do need to upgrade your screensaver, you have to re-install the Player on your PC directly from the MSI file.

You can do this by:

  • Installing the new Display Player MSI file manually at your Player PC
  • Installing the new Display Player MSI file remotely, using any remote management tool that uses a local or console session such as VNC, pcAnywhere or DameWare

Was this information helpful?

Was this information helpful?