KB57: Transmitting to your Player using a satellite connection


No additional configurations are necessary in Display to transmit data form your Director to remote Player locations via satellite. Because Display 3 supports both TCP/IP and FTP, satellite communications are supported out-of-the-box.

  • If you want to transmit via TCP across a network using satellite communications, the communication link must be bidirectional or "two-way". This is because Display Director needs to receive information from the Display Player in order to properly monitor the status of the transmission.
  • If you want to transmit via FTP using satellite communications, typically you transmit data from your Director to a local FTP server, then the contents of the FTP server are mirrored to remote FTP servers via the satellite. Your Players then retrieve their content from FTP servers that are within their own local network.

Additional information

Because of the complexity of the subject, this article doesn't discuss specific network topologies or satellite transmission methods.