Moxie 7.01.6144 RELEASED

Omnivex released a new version of Moxie – 7.01.6144 available in two editions; Moxie Enterprise and Moxie Commercial. In this release we have extended the capability of the Moxie Player to facilitate the integration with edge devices and sensors.  A summary of the new features and improvements is listed below.

Existing Moxie customers with AMS can upgrade to the version they have purchased; Enterprise or Commercial. When upgrading, all Moxie components including Data Server, Player, Studio, and services must be updated to 7.01 in order to ensure compatibility.

Also included in this release are recently updated versions of the following linking products:

  • CalendarLink 3.07.003
  • IOLink 3.09.005
  • XMLLink 3.09.002
  • SQLLink 4.05.5994
  • DataPipe Client and Server 3.08.011

Moxie Data Server is supported on Windows Server 2008 and 2012. Moxie Studio and Player are supported on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. For complete details on supported operating systems, refer to KB 308.

For information on obtaining the latest Moxie release, contact Omnivex Technical Services or download from the links below. We recommend staying current and recommend you plan your upgrade now!  


  • The upgrade to Moxie 7.01 requires .NET Framework 4.6.1.
  • As of Moxie 7.01, the Moxie Data Proxy is no longer available and has been replaced with local player data. If you are using a Proxy in your Moxie network, contact Technical Services for assistance with your upgrade.


  • Local Player data
  • Scripting at the Player
  • Modernized Studio look
  • Studio inactivity time-out
  • Data-binding the source of an image folder


  • Smaller setup file
  • Remote installation or upgrade of DataPipe Server on a player computer available through the System Manager
  • Upgrade MSI now renamed Omnivex Moxie Client Upgrade and supports Studio upgrades
  • Quicklink component has been removed from the Moxie installer
  • New Player property to allow or disable scripts running at the Player
  • Player “Logging” property renamed to “Content Logging”


  • On a multi-screen desktop, where the monitors use different DPI settings; if the Studio window is opened on the higher DPI monitor then moved to the lower DPI monitor, some of the Studio window may be cut off.
  • Video Syncing between Players can drift when using Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. We recommend Windows 7 or removing the audio track from the video.
  • Running a manual setup on a computer where Moxie components have been upgraded using remote client upgrade will cause two Omnivex Moxie entries in Programs and Features.


For more details on what’s in this release, refer to KB 328.

This post was originally created on Aug 25th and updated November 22nd, 2016



Customers with current AMS agreements can download a copy of the latest version of Moxie Enterprise (7.01) from here and Moxie Commercial (7.01) from here. You must be logged into the website to access this URL.


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