Moxie 7.02.6368 RELEASED

Omnivex has released a new version of Moxie – 7.02.6368 available in two editions; Moxie Enterprise and Moxie Commercial. A summary of the new features and improvements is listed below.

Existing Moxie customers with AMS can upgrade the version they purchased; Enterprise or Commercial. When upgrading, all Moxie components including Data Server, Player, Studio, and services must be updated to 7.02 in order to ensure compatibility.

Moxie Data Server is supported on Windows Server 2008, 2012 and 2016. Moxie Studio and Player are supported on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. For complete details on supported operating systems, refer to KB 308.

For information on obtaining the latest Moxie release, contact Omnivex Technical Services or download from the links below. We recommend staying current and planning your upgrade now!  Omnivex is running a webinar on June 26th to review the new features in 7.02. You can register for the webinar here


  • Ability to scheduled file transmissions
  • Ability to schedule a spot content insertion to supersede regularly scheduled content 
  • Ability to customizable clock appearance with your own graphics
  • Addition of a PDF zone to display individual or a collection of PDF pages
  • Added eye dropper color-picker tool to ribbon and color selection dialogs
  • Added a find related items  tool to see where files are used


  •  Moxie Studios detect the need to upgrade once they have connected to an upgraded Moxie Data Server and prompt users to automatically upgrade their software with a single click
  • Enabled Workspace sheets to support content packaging
  • Added Firefox emulation to the Web zone
  • Mouse cursor changes during content insertion
  • Reduced databinding steps making all parameters viewable in one place
  • Added alternate row shading in table zone
  • Playlist content is evaluated against player-metadata rules   prior to transmission to improve system efficiency.


  • When the Windows Task bar is moved to left side or top of monitor, it partially obstructs the Studio window when it is maximized. This has no impact on the Moxie Player.
  • The Color Picker does not accommodate semi-transparent colors. The selected color will be the actual color that appears on-screen, with no alpha-channel value applied. When using a multi-screen desktop where the monitors have different scaling, the actual color selected may be slightly different than it appears on-screen. The workaround is to verify the color selection using the RBG or HEX color values from the Color Chooser dialog box and change them as necessary.
  • When using the color picker on a second screen with high DPI (different from your primary screen), the selected picker with be offset from the actual pixel color selected.


For details on what’s in this release, refer to KB 329.

This post was created on June 8th 2017.


Customers with current AMS agreements can download a copy of the latest version of Moxie Enterprise (7.02) from here and Moxie Commercial (7.02) from here. You must be logged into the website to access this URL.