Moxie 7.05.7635.1 RELEASED

Omnivex released a new version of Moxie – 7.05.7635.1 available in two editions; Moxie Enterprise and Moxie Commercial.

This is the fourth version of Moxie 7.05; 7.05.7600.1, 7.05.7541 and 7.05.7528 were released earlier this year. We recommend installing or upgrading to 7.05.7635, as this version includes additional fixes - a summary of the new features and improvements is listed below.

Existing Moxie customers with AMS can upgrade to the version they have purchased; Enterprise or Commercial.

Moxie Data Server is supported on Windows Server 2012 R2, 2016 and 2019. Moxie Studio and Player are supported on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. For complete details on supported operating systems, refer to KB 308.

For information on obtaining the latest Moxie release, contact Omnivex Technical Services or download from the links below. We recommend staying current and planning your upgrade now!


  • Support for automatic Data Server failover
  • Data Manager file cleanup
  • Shapes added to Layout Designer
  • Option to Copy permissions in Permission Manager
  • Multiple performance enhancements, including:
    • Increased speed of player data display
    • Studio support for significantly larger number of players
    • Increased Data Server processing speed


  • New option in Studio to submit ideas to the Moxie Ideas Portal
  • Data Manager improvements, including:
    • Thumbnail images in all file dialogs
    • Metadata fields appear in the order they were added to groups
  • Player content purge enhancements
  • Improved Moxie Data Server Configuratoin (MDSC) support
  • Moxie Data Server Performance Counters (MDSPC) enhancements


  • Correction to Log Server name in System Manager
  • Issues with file promotion have been fixed
  • System Manager views can again be opened from Data Manager


  • The ability to de-select layout content in Layout Designer after closing another layout has been restored
  • Scripting API methods BeginUpdate and EndUpdate again properly accommodate data changes in a sheet


  • The ability to rename folders in Data Manager when using permissions has been restored
  • Issue with bidirectional file sync failing when a file was renamed multiple times has been fixed
  • Issue displaying metadata fields in custom groups has been fixed

Additional fixes in version 7.05.7635.1

The issue with reconnecting players (with metadata assigned) has been fixed. If you are experiencing issues such as:

  • an incorrect connection status showing for the player in Player Manager
  • the inability to send new content to the player
  • the player becoming unresponsive to property changes, such as height and width

Contact Omnivex Technical Services for assistance in correcting these issues and upgrading to the latest version of 7.05

For more details on what’s in this release, refer to KB 355

November 27, 2020


Customers with current AMS agreements can download a copy of the latest version of Moxie Enterprise from here and Moxie Commercial from here. You must be logged into the website to access this URL