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Track key performance metrics and improve operations in your manufacturing facility

From the cafeteria to the production floor, digital signage can help streamline and improve every aspect of your manufacturing facility. With digital signage, you can measure real-time KPI dashboard analytics and monitor production, equipment, inventory, and efficiency. Share real-time information about production goals and achievements, and company announcements and news.

Welcome Screensmanufacturing welcome sign

Use digital signage in your lobby to create a lasting first impression and a welcoming environment. Highlight your company's history, achievements, and goals on digital screens inside and outside the building. Notify visitors of policies and procedures they must follow when in your facility. Add a "WOW" factor as visitors and employees enter your lobby with a video wall telling your brand story. 

Employee Communications

Manufacturing facilities are often large and sprawling buildings with many staff and shifts. Digital signage is a great way to keep employees informed about the plant's new policies, upcoming holidays, human resources news, production goals, and more. Inform staff of past accomplishments and current production goals to keep them motivated and challenged. Comparing targets and metrics with other facilities is a great way to foster friendly competition and rivalry between plants and boost overall production.

Room Management

Use digital signage to manage room scheduling and capacity limits. Integrate digital signage with calendars and other scheduling systems to ensure screens update in real-time as information changes. Room screens can easily change appearance when in use, so people walking by can quickly spot whether a room is available or booked. Additionally, leverage digital signage to monitor who enters and leaves the office.


Signs are an excellent way for people to navigate large, multi-building facilities. Digital wayfinding allows you to change content and keep up to date with changes in the environment, such as room changes or new additions. Interactive wayfinding kiosks enable visitors or employees to independently find directions or locate staff in a directory.

Skills & Training Matrix

Meeting production goals means having the necessary staff on hand. Should someone call in sick or be injured, knowing who on the floor can immediately take over limits production downtime. A digital screen showing who is on the line, what production skills they possess, and what stations they can handle allows management to make quick decisions.

KPI Dashboards

Monitor current production, equipment, and more on the floor with KPI dashboard screens. Real-time data lets you quickly and accurately measure results on the line, the plant, and/or the company. With interactive screens, you can drill down on the data and get into the details behind the numbers. For management, KPI dashboards offer a way to view the business overall and see the strengths and potential weaknesses in operations. Management can use metrics to steer business strategy and address problems before they arise.

Inventory Managementmanufacturing delivery screen

Inventory management is a crucial part of any manufacturing operation. With real-time data integration, inventory dashboards on digital signs can be a valuable and vital element of your operations. They can display the total number of parts and supplies in your facility and highlight numbers when supplies are low. Additionally, integrate tracking information for your deliveries, so you'll always know where your deliveries are and whether the delivery will impact production. Tie into existing APIs to monitor truck locations and be alerted when deliveries are off-schedule.

Equipment Monitoring

Monitoring equipment on your production line is essential to running and maintaining a smooth operation. Equipment dashboards on digital screens around your facility help you monitor how the equipment is functioning – is it on, is it running at the correct speed, correct temperature? Quickly identify problems that may affect production, so you can reduce downtime on the line.

Digital SQDC Boards

SQDC (Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost) boards help prioritize the most critical aspects of running a manufacturing facility. Converting whiteboards to digital allows companies to tie into real-time information, always show updated data, and update reporting. Interactive SQDC boards allow you to drill down on the details when necessary. Want to see what is behind a safety grade for a specific day? Just tap the screen to view all the details.

Emergency Notifications

Extend your emergency and disaster preparedness plans with digital signage. Integrate digital signage with your audio alarms to share crucial supplemental information. For example, highlight the type of emergency and location and provide visual directions and cues. Customize emergency screens by area in the facility, providing location-specific directions.

From welcome screens to wayfinding to equipment monitoring to KPI dashboards and everywhere in between, effective visual communications ensure employees and visitors have a positive experience in your facility. Read our Manufacturing eBook to learn more.