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Omnivex in the FOOD SERVICE 

Whether an individual restaurant or a large chain, digital menu boards can significantly impact your food service business. Digital screens connected to your back-end systems reflect your current inventory and prices. Large chains can easily ensure corporate branding standards are followed but allow the various regions to easily update their digital menu boards to reflect local languages or products. Interactive kiosks, tablets, mobile phones, and other new technologies can also be integrated to create an engaging experience.

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Increase Revenues

Digital signage increase revenue by promoting daily specials & upselling.

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Decrease cost and labour associated with printing, distributing paper menus.

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Use digital signage to share KPIs and train employees when closed.

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Meet regulatory requirements by displaying nutritional information or ingredients.


Eliminate paper menus.

Decrease the cost and labor of printing and distributing paper menus with digital signage. Ensure menu information is always up-to-date by connecting digital menus to inventory and POS systems. Change prices, menu items, calories, and availability, quickly and easily in real-time.

  • Reduce costs
  • Real-time information
  • Connect to inventory, POS, and more
touch screen in restaurant
touch screen in restaurant


Trigger content based on date and time.

Easily create promotions to boost its sales. Schedule it to run at specific times or locations or on a particular screen. Integrate social media and create an interactive experience for your guests.

  • Mobile friendly
  • Integrate sensors
  • Conditional formatting


Display nutritional information.

Meet regulatory requirements by displaying nutritional information or ingredients on digital menus. Integrate with back-end systems to ensure the nutritional information reflects items displayed.

  • Display nutritional information
  • Integrate with back-end systems
  • Mobile friendly
touch screen in restaurant

Tocumbo Ice Cream

Omnivex provides Tocumbo with professionally designed screens and video that ably represent the Tocumbo brand and encompasses what the restaurant is all about. The restaurants have one of two screen layouts, each controlled by one player – 4 or 6 screens, in two sets of either 2 by 1 or 3 by 1, with the screens wrapping around a corner. Omnivex designed two layouts – one for the restaurants with the 3840 pixel by 1080 pixel layouts, and one for the restaurants with the 5760 pixel by 1080 pixel layouts. Each section of the menu was laid out, with each menu item, description and price data-bound to the Moxie DataPipe, allowing Tocumbo to add/remove or change menu items and prices as they see fit, with changes instantly displaying on the menu boards.

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