video wall in sports arena


Elevate attendee experience to an entirely new level with digital communications


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No matter what type of entertainment venue - theme park, sports venue, museum, or movie theater - digital communication using devices such as digital signage, interactive kiosks, and mobile phones can elevate the customer experience to an entirely new level. Applications include large video screens, video walls,  self-serve kiosks, interactive wayfinding, and digital menus. This improved customer experience leads to higher customer retention, improved satisfaction, and increased profit margins.

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Increase Revenues

with advertising sales and promotional messaging.

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Make navigation easy with interactive wayfinding and digital signs.

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Share real time about events, announcements, news, & weather.

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Connect digital signage to social media, inventory, POS, loyalty, and CRM.


Create an engaging fan experience.

Share real-time information about games and events on digital signage throughout the facility. Utilize screens to share sponsor advertisements and promotional messaging. Ensure the information is portable with a mobile app that provides real-time updates.

  • Real-time information
  • Mobile friendly
  • Share sponsor advertisements
lobby video wall in sports arena
lobby video wall in sports arena


Make navigation easy.

Ensure navigating large, multi-floor facilities is easy with interactive wayfinding and digital signs. Incorporate conditional formatting to direct traffic flow based on time, date, or emergency status.

  • Mobile friendly
  • Integrate sensors
  • Conditional formatting


Connect digital signage to back-end systems.

Connect digital signage to social media, game clocks, POS, loyalty, CRM, and more to create an engaging fan experience. Integrate emergency notification or security systems and utilize screens to share critical information.

  • Personalize fan experience
  • Adjust language by location/screen
  • Share critical information
lobby video wall in sports arena

Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment

Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE) is one of North America's premier sports and entertainment organizations. MLSE underwent an extensive planning, evaluation and selection processes for the digital communications platform. MLSE's primary objectives were to provide a best-in-class environment for its sponsors, present visually stunning graphics, and deliver revenue growth opportunities. The digital signage system at Air Canada Centre (now Scotiabank Arena) has been recognized with many awards.

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