Create an integrated digital experience for retail customers and employees

Today, competition in retail is stiff and margins are tight. To be successful, retailers must create a competitive advantage. One way to do that is a Connected Store, where digital signs, POS terminals and kiosks are no longer stand-alone entities. Instead, they are part of an intelligent system that exchanges information between devices and the store’s IT network; providing greater customer engagement and a better customer experience. It empowers sales staff to help customers make informed purchasing decisions. As well, this integration offers retailers the ability to leverage data and services throughout the enterprise.

An integrated digital experience can:

  • Help ensure consistent branding and corporate messaging across multiple locations
  • Create an interactive, engaging, and highly personalized experience for shoppers in-store while attracting new shoppers outside
  • Reduce costs associated with updating, distributing, and customizing print advertising
  • Increase sales by cross-selling products and promoting high-margin inventory
  • Integrate with third party systems such as social media, inventory, POS, loyalty, CRM, etc.
  • Interact with customers using technologies such as NFC, RFID, QR, tablet, mobile, etc.
  • Provide real-time data on in-store activity back to corporate offices to enhance decision making and campaign management

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