How can Omnivex Help Your School?

Easily connect, distribute and present targeted, real-time information across your buildings and campus on any screen.

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Create an engaging and interactive environment for students and staff.

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Make navigation easy with interactive wayfinding and digital signs

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Share real time about events, announcements, news, & weather.

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Connect digital signage to backend systems and alarms.

Omnivex in the EDUCATION Sector

Benefits of Digital Signage

Engaging and interacting with a generation of students raised surrounded by media is driving significant change amongst education institutions. Students today expect and prefer digital communications, and as a result devices such as digital signs and mobile phones have become a cost-effective tool for schools to utilize. Dynamic digital communications are enabling schools to improve areas ranging from emergency notifications to wayfinding to events and employee communications.

digital screens in education facility lobby
The Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto is redesigning business education for the 21st century with a curriculum based on Integrative Thinking. Omnivex Moxie has helped the school improve building navigation and the communication of relevant information and events to building visitors. The digital signage around the school provides a voice in the physical space and allows the school to deliver relevant messaging when it's needed the most.