Digital communications in education

Engaging and interacting with a generation of students raised surrounded by media is driving significant change amongst education institutions. Students today expect and prefer digital communications, and as a result devices such as digital signs and mobile phones have become a cost-effective tool for schools to utilize. Dynamic digital communications are enabling schools to improve areas ranging from emergency notifications to wayfinding to events and employee communications.

Digital communications in education can:

  • Help schools to cost effectively communicate in real-time with students, staff and visitors
  • Improve school safety by connecting with emergency notification and alarm systems
  • Enhance student, faculty, employee, and visitor experience by creating an engaging and interactive environment
  • Help schools create an environment that is easy to navigate through the use of interactive wayfinding and digital signs
  • Tie into existing systems such as maintenance, inventory and other ¬†administrative systems to provide accurate real-time information to staff and students
  • Be used for a number of applications including digital menu boards, donor walls, emergency notifications, staff/student/visitor communications, and interactive wayfinding


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