Enhance visitor experience in government facilities with digital communications

Whether you are a small town or a large city the uses for digital communications are numerous and the advantages are significant. By replacing static signs with a network of screens and interactive kiosks, governments can streamline operations and reduce operating costs both now and in the future. A digital communications network is a cost effective infrastructure that can support multiple departments and many applications.

The applications of digital communications in government extend far beyond a network of digital signs and include other areas such as self-service kiosks, interactive wayfinding stations, emergency notifications, and visitor communications.

Digital communications in government can:

  • Welcome visitors and direct them easily to where they need to go with interactive wayfinding and digital building maps
  • Improve constituent and employee communications with personalized, real-time information, such as weather, news and other key messages
  • Notify visitors and staff of important emergency or safety alerts
  • Align with Green initiatives by eliminating the need for paper signage

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