Take guest experience in your hospitality venue to the next level with digital communications

For hotels, convention centers, and other venues, creating the best possible guest experience is paramount. Digital communications using devices such as digital signs, interactive wayfinding stations, self-service kiosks, helps keep guests informed in real-time of relevant information. Data from a variety of sources such as calendars, weather and news feeds, external transportation schedules, and emergency notifications, can be integrated into the digital communications to ensure the right information is provided to the right person at the right time.

Digital communications can:

  • Improve navigation throughout the facility with interactive wayfinding and digital signs
  • Integrate with a variety of sources to provide real-time information such as meeting room locations, news, weather, and emergency notifications
  • Enable guests to service themselves using a self-service kiosk when looking for general venue information, schedules, room locations
  • Integrate with a POS system to ensure up to date digital menu boards

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Industry Sheet

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