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Omnivex Moxie Software

Omnivex Moxie Studio Features & Capabilities

Omnivex Moxie Studio offers a robust set of tools and modules to help you create whatever solution your organization needs.

create stunning layouts in Omnivex Moxie

Moxie Studio Layout Designer

Moxie Studio comes with a robust set of tools in its Layout Designer module, such as a timeline, layout and alignment tools, content creation tools, design features, and the ability to add interactivity without having to code.

manage metadata with ease in Omnivex Moxie

Manage Content With Metadata

Use Moxie's extensive collection of metadata fields to get information in front of the right people at the right time. Tag images and videos with metadata, such as start date or location, for easier automated content distribution. 

manage players remotely with Omnivex Moxie

Moxie Studio Player Manager

The Player Manager module allows you to manage all players in your digital signage network remotely. Assign content, preview content currently playing, view transmission logs, and assign metadata to players.

integrate existing data with Omnivex Moxie

Get More From Your Data

Integrate data into DataPipe Server from across your enterprise. Our data suite collection allows you to connect databases, text files, RSS feeds, and hardware devices easily to DataPipe. Use your data on any screen in your network.

How Omnivex Moxie Works

How does Omnivex Moxie software make it easier to manage your digital signage network and integrate your data?

How Omnivex Moxie works diagram

New Features in Moxie

  • Data Manager now supports creating and saving views
  • A new type of metadata field, SingleChoice, is now available when creating custom metadata fields
  • Layout Designer has a new end-of-data event
  • New data-binding feature: data lookup that checks the assigned metadata
  • Support for copying and pasting metadata fields and values
  • Open either the draft or release version of assigned content in Player Manager

Enhance the Value of Your Data

Integrate data from internal sources (spreadsheets, databases, text files) or external sources (web APIs, data feeds, devices) easily on the Omnivex Platform.

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Benefits of Digital Signage with Omnivex Moxie

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