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Omnivex Ink and Digital Sign

Manage your digital signage network from the Cloud.

Omnivex Ink is the best solution for cloud-based digital signage management. 

Omnivex Ink Layout Creator visual

Drag-and-drop Layout Creator

Omnivex Ink's App Builder makes the creative process accessible to everyone with its web-based interface. With user-friendly drag-and-drop features for adding images and text, you can effortlessly elevate your design experience.

Omnivex Ink Add Metadata visual

Add Metadata 

Harness the robust metadata options in Ink for timely information delivery. Tag images and videos with details such as start date and location, ensuring seamless automated content distribution to your target audience.

Omnivex Ink Manage Displays visual

Manage Displays

Seamlessly expand your cloud-based digital signage network using Ink's Displays page. Effortlessly add new screens and manage existing displays with user-friendly tools.

Omnivex Ink Team Management visual

Manage your Digital Signage Team

Effortlessly oversee your team in Ink through a user-friendly web interface. Add and manage users seamlessly, assigning roles to tailor functions and control access within your Ink environment.

Omnivex Ink Real-time data visual

Real-time Data 

The Omnivex DataPipe, now in your browser! Integrate all your data from practically any source here for easy and real-time communications updates with your audience. 

Omnivex Ink Asset Management visual

Cloud-based Asset Management

Ink's Files page is your online hub for asset management. Upload your files through a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, organize and store in folders, and enrich assets with metadata.

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Enhance the Value of Your Data

Integrate data from internal sources (spreadsheets, databases, text files) or external sources (web APIs, data feeds, devices) easily on the Omnivex Platform.

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