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Enhance passenger experience in transportation facilities by providing real-time information on arrival/departure times, cancellations and delays


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Enhance traveler experience in your transportation facility by helping people get to where they need to go safely, efficiently, and effectively. Arming your passengers with the right information at the right time ensures a positive experience in a stressful environment. Additionally, it improves operations by reducing the workload of your employees. Provide clear wayfinding, simplified scheduling, reduced wait times, health & safety info, advertising, information updates, and multilingual instruction, all with the Omnivex solution.

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Share real-time updates on wait times to alleviate passenger anxiety.

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Make navigation easy with interactive wayfinding and digital signs.

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Share real-time information (arrival/departure times, cancellations, delays, etc.)

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Connect digital signage to backend systems and alarm.


Share real-time information.

Improve passenger experience by sharing real-time information on digital screens and mobile phones. Highlight flight schedules, wait times, gates, visual paging, security information, and more.

  • Real-time information
  • Wait times
  • Emergency notifications
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Make navigation easy.

Ensure navigating airport terminals and bus or train stations is easy with interactive wayfinding and digital signs. Incorporate conditional formatting to direct traffic flow based on time, date, or emergency status.

  • Mobile friendly
  • Integrate sensors
  • Conditional formatting


Connect digital signage to back-end systems.

Customize your digital screens by location to reflect facility information. Integrate emergency notification or security systems and utilize screens to share critical information.

  • Integrate with a variety of back-end systems
  • Adjust information by location/screen
  • Share critical information
digital screens in retail store

Columbus International Airport

John Glenn Columbus International Airport initially started using the Omnivex solution in 2014 for a few screens in their food court and later expanded their installation of Omnivex Moxie to include a large 48 screen videowall over the entrance to Terminal B. In March 2016, with the help of Omnivex Value-added Reseller Radiant Technology, they expanded their digital signage network to include two 44 x 14 foot LED videowalls and 62 ticket counter screens.

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