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Enable real-time data reporting, reduce costs, and increase the bottom line with digital communications


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Use digital signage from the cafeteria to the production floor in manufacturing facilities, to enable real-time data reporting, reduce production costs, and increase the bottom line.

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Provide real-time KPI dashboard analytics "we are what we measure."

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Inventory monitoring and wayfinding for dynamic inventory location.

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Share real-time about events, announcements, news, & weather.

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Connect digital signage to backend systems and alarms.


Share real-time information

Use digital signage to share real-time update information, including news, weather, and other important company information. Leverage screens to reinforce company branding and messaging.

  • Real-time information
  • Company branding
  • Entertain


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Make navigation easy.

Ensure navigating large corporate campuses and multi-floor buildings is easy with digital wayfinding. Incorporate conditional formatting to direct traffic flow based on time, date, or in an emergency. In addition, leverage digital screens for dynamic inventory wayfinding and location.

  • Mobile friendly
  • Integrate sensors
  • Dynamic inventory wayfinding



Connect digital signage to back-end systems.

Share real-time data and KPIs to help improve productivity. Customize your displays by location to reflect local data and KPIs. Integrate data from various sources, including ERP, CRM, POS, IoT, and more.

  • KPI Dashboards
  • Customizable by location
  • Integrate a variety of data sources
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Idaho Forest Group

Idaho Forest Group is spread out over six different locations. In 2016 they introduced IFGTV to provide relevant communications and information to folks on the manufacturing floor. They focused on streamlining and speeding up the process of sharing information, such as live news, video content, and essential human resources information, on their screens. Next, they focused on getting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) onto existing screens.

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