Manufacturing organizations can stay ahead of the competition with digital communications

We live in an era where innovation and development are a must for manufacturers to stay competitive. To be successful, manufacturers need to constantly improve productivity and drive efficiencies – digital communications can help do this; especially in a lean manufacturing environment where Visual Factory Management is key to managing daily improvement and driving out waste. Digital signs, video walls, interactive kiosks are just a few of the many devices and sensors used from the cafeteria to the production floor in manufacturing facilities, to enable real-time data reporting, reduce production costs, and increase the bottom line. Dynamic communication using real-time information will set one organization apart from the competition.

Digital communications can:

  • Provide real-time production alerts and metrics
  • Enable inventory monitoring and wayfinding for dynamic inventory location
  • Integrate with external systems and alarms for health and safety alerts and emergency notifications
  • Provide real-time KPI dashboard tracking “we are what we measure”
  • Enable employee communications including training, corporate announcements, weather, and news

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