How can Omnivex Help Your Business?

Enable real-time data reporting, reduce costs, and increase the bottom line with digital signage.

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Provide real-time KPI dashboard analytics "we are what we measure."

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Inventory monitoring and wayfinding for dynamic inventory location.

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Share real-time about events, announcements, news, & weather.

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Connect digital signage to backend systems and alarms.

Omnivex in the MANUFACTURING Sector

Benefits of Digital Signage

We live in an era where innovation and development are a must for manufacturers to stay competitive. To be successful, manufacturers need to constantly improve productivity and drive efficiencies; digital communications can help do this, especially in a lean manufacturing environment where Visual Factory Management is key to managing daily improvement and driving out waste. Digital signs, video walls, interactive kiosks and mobile phones are just a few of the many devices and sensors used from the cafeteria to the production floor in manufacturing facilities to enable real-time data reporting, reduce production costs, and increase the bottom line.

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Idaho Forest Group is spread out over six different locations. In 2016 they introduced IFGTV to provide relevant communications and information to folks on the manufacturing floor. They focused on streamlining and speeding up the process of sharing information, such as live news, video content, and essential human resources information, on their screens. Next, they focused on getting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) onto existing screens.