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Digital Signs in Healthcare

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Create a digital canvas across your hospital

Enhance patient, staff, and visitor experience with digital signage solutions created on the Omnivex platform. From informational screens featuring wait times, news, and information to wayfinding screens to behind-the-scenes monitoring and operations screens, there's no limit to what you can create to help manage every aspect of your hospital. Reducing the stress associated with a hospital visit is essential for patients, staff, or visitors. Effective visual communications go a long way in ensuring a positive environment.


Outdoor Screens

Digital parking signs integrated with sensors help patients and visitors navigate parking. Use external digital signage to highlight fundraising and community information.

Interactive Wayfinding

Hospitals are often large facilities that can be difficult to navigate. Digital signage and interactive wayfinding kiosks are the most flexible option for wayfinding.

Promote Fundraising

Create simple digital signs to raise awareness of fundraising targets, highlight the goal, funds raised to date, and long-term plans or benefits of donations.

Scheduling Screens

Ensure doctors, nurses, and all staff can access the critical real-time information. Leverage a digital scheduling screen to show what people are working, their availability, and specialty.

Digital GEMBA Boards

Use an interactive digital Gemba Board to quickly and easily share goals, measures, and performance, as well as enable staff to submit ideas and see status of recommendations.

Patient Rooms

Leverage digital screens outside patient rooms to communicate important information about the patient before entering. Use text or icons to highlight information such as allergies.


Hospitals are often large, multi-floor, and multi-building affairs that can be difficult to navigate. Patients, visitors, and even staff may need help finding their required building or room. Digital signage offers the flexibility to adapt to scenarios in your facility, whether due to facility repair, maintenance, or security. Quickly change a route or direct people to another part of the hospital. Additionally, integrate wayfinding on your general information screens by highlighting popular department or service locations.

Interactive wayfinding kiosks around the facility make navigation easier and reduce stress. Highlight points of interest, such as popular departments and washrooms and provide an estimated travel time. Animate paths to highlight the route. Additionally, enable users to access written directions or share them on their mobile phones.

Wait Times

In hospitals, stress levels are generally high, and waits can be long. Digital signage provides a way to share real-time updates on wait times. Localize wait times to screens in a specific area or department. Protect patient privacy by identifying them with a code assigned at arrival/check-in.

Entertain & Inform

Make waiting less cumbersome by keeping people informed and entertained with digital signage. Share important health and wellness information, new service offerings, upcoming clinics, and general news and weather.

Make it Mobile

Make waiting less cumbersome by keeping people informed and entertained with digital signage. Share important health and wellness information, new service offerings, upcoming clinics, and general news and weather.

Queue Management

If your facility offers large-scale testing or vaccinations, utilize digital signage to manage queues. Quickly change line entry points and the capacity to match the physical queues set up.

Donor Walls

It takes a community of individuals and companies to ensure the success of your hospital. Recognize their contributions with a digital donor wall in a central location in your facility. Use your digital donor wall to run a real-time fundraising campaign. Highlight progress towards your goal and show a live list of donors. Integrate 4K video and graphics to grab attention.

Create visual profiles of key donors that incorporate company logos, photos, and other exciting information. Incorporate eye-catching videos to highlight the results of donations - new facilities, equipment, medical advances, and more. In addition, the donor wall design should emphasize the importance of contributions and what those donations mean to the organization. .



Reid Health

Reid Health is a regional health system including a 217-bed hospital on their main campus and numerous satellite locations in the region of Eastern Indiana and Western Ohio. The 303 screens in their deployment are a variety of sizes and are used for waiting room information, wayfinding, physician lounge information, static menus for a coffee shop and smoothie bar, dynamic menus in a café, employee information, and an extensive network of interactive quality improvement tracking units are currently being developed for their LEAN initiative. The consistent expansion of the ReidTV network over the years is proof of the value that the Omnivex solution provides to Reid Health.

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