Improve the Healthcare Experience with Digital communications

In healthcare facilities, digital communications can be a used in a number of ways including interactive wayfinding, patient/visitor/staff communications, emergency notifications, digital menuboards, and donor walls. These applications of visual communications help healthcare facilities create efficiencies, reduce costs, enhance customer service and improve the experience of individuals on site. The result is a cost effective and eye catching solution to the age old problem of communicating the right information to the right person at the right time.

Digital communications in healthcare can:

  • Help visitors easily navigate through buildings with interactive wayfinding and digital screens
  • Improve facility safety by connecting with emergency notification and alarm systems
  • Highlight community programs, events and other key information
  • Reduce perceived wait times by providing real-time updates on backlog and also streaming live news, weather and other entertainment programs
  • Showcase donors and donation campaigns on donor walls
  • Tie into back office systems, such as calendars and maintenance, to show which operating, patient, and meeting rooms are available and which are in use

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Industry Sheet

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