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Reduce costs and improve the experience of patients, staff, and visitors with digital communications


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In healthcare facilities, digital communications can be used in several ways, including interactive wayfinding kiosks, patient/visitor/staff communications, emergency notifications, digital menu boards, and donor walls. These applications help healthcare facilities create efficiencies, reduce costs and improve the experience of individuals on-site. The result is a cost-effective solution of using digital screens to solve the age-old problem of communicating the right information to the correct person when they need it.

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Alleviate perceived wait times with real-time updates & entertainment.

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Make navigation easy with interactive wayfinding and digital signs.

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Share real-time information (arrival/departure times, cancellations, delays, etc.)

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Connect digital signage to backend systems and alarms.


Share real-time information.

Improve visitor, patient, and employee experience by sharing real-time information on digital screens and mobile phones. Highlight important news, wait times, scheduling information, health & safety rules, and more.

  • Real-time information
  • Wait Times
  • Personalize messages
digital screen in healthcare facility
digital screen in healthcare facility


Make navigation easy.

Ensure navigating large hospital campuses and multi-floor buildings is easy with interactive wayfinding and digital signs. Incorporate conditional formatting to direct traffic flow based on time, date, or emergency status.

  • Mobile friendly
  • Integrate sensors
  • Conditional Formatting


Connect digital signage to back-end systems.

Customize your digital screens by location to reflect facility or department information. Integrate emergency notification or security systems and utilize screens to share critical information.

  • Integrate with a variety of back-end systems
  • Adjust information by location/screen
  • Share critical information
digital screen in healthcare facility

Reid Health

Reid Health is a regional health system including a 217-bed hospital on their main campus and numerous satellite locations in the region of Eastern Indiana and Western Ohio. The 303 screens in their deployment are a variety of sizes and are used for waiting room information, wayfinding, physician lounge information, static menus for a coffee shop and smoothie bar, dynamic menus in a café, employee information, and an extensive network of interactive quality improvement tracking units are currently being developed for their LEAN initiative. The consistent expansion of the ReidTV network over the years is proof of the value that the Omnivex solution provides to Reid Health.

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