Real-Time Information for the Real-time World of Banking

From the trading floor to individual branches to the corporate offices, real-time digital communications are integral to success in banking, insurance and investment firms. Keeping customers and employees up to date with changes in things such as stock prices, financial news, interest rate changes and other key information is not just a nice idea but a requirement for improving experience. Interactive kiosks, video walls and integration with other technologies such as sensors, RFID or devices such as mobile phones and tablets also helps create a experience that spans multiple technological platforms.

Digital communications in banking and finance can:

  • Help reduce perceived wait times in branches
  • Ensure consistent branding and messaging across multiple locations and endpoints
  • Increase sales through cross-selling and upselling of products and services
  • Capture intelligence for the corporate offices on what is popular in branches
  • Provide real-time information from the trading floor to the branch to the corporate offices on stock prices, interest rate changes and other key financial news
  • Be customized by location to reflect local languages, products or services
  • Provide training for employees when closed


Industry Sheet

Adobe symbol for banking info sheetIndustry Sheet.pdf