How can Omnivex Help Your Business?

Easily connect, distribute and present targeted, real-time information across your entire business, on any screen.

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Reduce Perceived Wait Times

Digital signs with rotating content advertising services and products can help reduce customers' perceived wait times, enhancing their overall experience.

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Increase Sales

Use digital signs to up-sell and cross-sell products and services, highlight promotions and location-specific marketing campaigns

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Real-time Information

Communicate information such as stock prices, currency valuation and interest rates in real-time.

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Customize Displays Across Your Organization

Customize your displays by location to reflect local promotions, products, and services. Schedule content to local times, and specify language by location.

Omnivex in the Financial Sector

Benefits of Digital Signage

From the trading floor to individual branches to the corporate offices, real-time digital communications are integral to success. Keeping customers and employees up to date with changes in stock prices, financial news, interest rate changes and other essential information is not just an excellent idea but a requirement. Interactive kiosks, video walls and integration with technologies such as sensors, RFID, or devices such as mobile phones and tablets also help create an experience that spans multiple technological platforms.

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Woodforest selected Omnivex digital signage software to manage their network after an extensive evaluation process that spanned an entire year. The move to digital signage has also enabled Woodforest to reduce its total paper output, which serves an environmental purpose and saves time and reduces costs. Now, content across their many store locations can be updated instantaneously, without requiring signs to be changed manually or waiting to print new content.