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Digital Signage Applications

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Do more with your screens on the Omnivex Platform

Connect people with information using the Omnivex Platform. Easily collect data from practically any source, and deliver targeted, real-time information on any screen.



Improve productivity

Use information to enhance decision-making and fuel productivity. Connect your two most valuable resources - people and data. Share real-time information and KPIs on digital signage and mobile devices across your organization. Reduce errors and enable rapid and informed decisions.

Manage costs

Maximize operations and productivity with real-time information. Leverage digital signage that ties into backend systems to share production alerts, schedules and other important information. Eliminate the costs associated with updating and distributing print media.

Elevate customer experience

Inform, engage, and interact with customers by linking digital communications with backend systems. Provide relevant real-time information on various screens, including digital screens and mobile phones. Share scheduling information, highlight wait times, and enable customer self-service.

Engage employees

Empower your employees to make better business decisions with relevant, real-time information. Share corporate policies, values, goals, and successes on digital screens throughout the office. Improve productivity by tying digital signage into back-office systems for facility and resource availability.

Drive revenue growth

Enable rapid decision-making and timely adjustments by sharing real-time operations and market information on screens across the business. Increase awareness of product and service offerings. Use digital signage to cross-sell and upsell products and services, along with other advertising and promotional content.

Enhance safety and compliance

Enhance safety and compliance with visual notification of important information. Whether it is communicating alerts about inclement weather, dangerous situations, or potential hazards, digital communications on devices like digital screens and mobile phones are a great way to get real-time information in front of people where and when they need it.