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There is no denying it; social media is popular! Research from Hootsuite estimates that 4.2 billion people worldwide use it. And let's face it, social media is a daily time drain for many people, with research indicating an average of 144 minutes spent on it each day. So what does this mean for your business? How can you integrate social media into other communications channels like digital signage?

Let's look at 5 reasons to incorporate social media into your digital signage.

1. Provides proof

Incorporating social feeds on digital signage helps build trust and shows transparency. It provides candid feedback on products and services. Research shows 44.8% of internet users research products on social media. They are also more likely to trust earned media, such as reviews and recommendations, overpaid advertising, and other forms of media. Additionally, integrating content from an influencers' feed on digital signage has a positive impact.

2. Increases interaction

Sharing social posts on digital signage increases interaction and encourages engagement with the company and brand. For example, 91% of people who follow a brand on social media visit a company's website or app. Also, consider the type of social media content shared on digital signage. For example, images and video typically get more engagement than straight text.

3. Improves employee morale

While some employees likely follow an organization's social channels, it is unlikely all do. Highlighting customer accolades from social feeds on company digital signage fosters morale and a sense of appreciation. In addition, it helps employees understand a customers' experience with the company's products or services, which may lead to new product ideas or improvements in services and processes.

4. Cost-effective content

Reduce time and money spent creating posts with user-generated content. Keep digital signage fresh by automating customer social media posts and photos with corporate content. Make sure to filter feeds for inappropriate messages or images before posting on digital signage.

5. Increases followers

Ensure social media handles are clearly visible on all digital signage. Make following channels easy by incorporating QR codes on digital signage. Utilizing popular hashtags will increase followers and generate interest from a wider audience.

Whether you share positive tweets from Twitter on your employee-facing signage or share customer comments on your external-facing signage, you immediately increase excitement and engagement. Integrating relevant feeds into your digital signage shows your audience they matter and demonstrates a sense of fun and excitement.