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With people back in stores, stadiums, and facilities worldwide customer experience has become an important priority for many organizations. Expectations are high and organizations must find new ways to up their customer experience game!

5 Ways To Up Your Customer Experience Game

  • Personalization - 64% of customers of customers expect a tailored engagement based on past interactions according to Salesforce research. Leverage data to create a personalized experience on any screen.
  • Real-time information - Surveys, particularly post sale, don't provide a complete picture of a customers' experience. Leverage IoT and real-time information to make adjustments during the customer journey not when it is over.
  • Mobile - Create an omnichannel experience that follows the customer from mobile to web to digital screen. Ensure service and support are easily accessible throughout the customer journey.
  • Self-service  - Enable customers to easily find information, make purchases, and more from the web, mobile and kiosks. Put information at your customers fingertips.
  • Transparency - 86% of customers want more transparency into how their personal information is being used according to Salesforce research. Be clear where and how customer information will be used.

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