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Real-time information is integral to success in banking, from the trading floor to bank branches to corporate offices. With the popularity of online banking, banks must create a compelling customer experience in their branches to keep people coming.

Digital signage helps create an engaging and immersive branch experience. Use a variety of digital screens, interactive kiosks, and video walls to keep customers and employees updated about products and services, financial market data and news, interest rate changes, and more. In addition, enable individual branches to customize content and highlight products or services specific to or popular in their location.

Exterior Screens

Leverage exterior digital signage to greet customers and employees with relevant information such as branch hours, wait times, etc. Integrate wayfinding information into exterior digital signage and highlight the location of popular areas such as ATMs and visitor and employee parking. Use a variety of screens, from small ones by ATMs to larger screens, digital billboards, or video walls on the branch building. Share real-time information on interest rates, stock prices, and product or service offerings such as loans, mortgages, credit cards, and savings accounts with people passing by.

exterior digital signage screen on bank

Welcome Screens

Ensure all the information customers need for their visit is handy and visible on welcome screens as they enter your branch. Use digital signage in your lobby to create a lasting first impression and a welcoming environment that reflects your corporate values and brand. Leverage a variety of screens, from interactive kiosks to video walls to transparent screens, to create an engaging and immersive experience.

Video Walls

Create a "WOW" as customers and employees walk through your bank lobby with a video wall. Whether small or large, a video wall provides a unique opportunity to incorporate 4K video and imagery to tell your brand story and engage viewers. Consider projection, LED, and LCD options when creating your video wall, along with unique shapes and designs beyond the standard rectangle, such as curved, angled, and more. Digital signage software can help you manage the content on your video wall along with lighting, blinds, and more in your reception area. Integrating all of this will allow you to create an immersive experience.

Interactive Kiosks

Strategically located touch screens enable customers to search for product and service information, book appointments, and more without an employee helping. Cross-sell and upsell other products or services while customers search for information. Use interactive touch screens for wayfinding information in larger branches or bank buildings. Tie the kiosk into backend systems, such as maintenance, to ensure information reflects the current state of your facility. Make information portable by integrating QR codes to push to mobile phones.


Use digital screens throughout your bank to promote products or services, such as new credit cards, bank accounts, or mutual funds. Customize content by branch or geographic location to ensure the information about product or service offerings is relevant to the audience while maintaining corporate branding. Leverage metadata to target content to the right screen, at the right branch, and at the right time.

Wait Times

Make waiting less cumbersome by keeping people informed and entertained with digital signage. Share important bank information, financial news, new products or services, and local news and weather. Leverage QR codes to allow customers to view wait times from their mobile phones and to move freely throughout the branch and reduce congestion in popular areas.

wait time screen in bank lobby

Employee Communications

Share news, announcements, policy updates, HR information, and more on digital screens in employee areas within the bank branch. Consider customizing content such as KPIs by branch. Additionally, provide real-time weather, transit, and traffic updates to help employees plan their trip home. Further, leverage screens for employee recognition, whether by division, branch, department, or individual; digital signage can highlight recent success and achievements.

Emergency Notifications

Extend your emergency and disaster preparedness plans with digital signage. Integrate digital signage with your audio alarms to share crucial supplemental information. For example, highlight the type of emergency and location and provide visual directions and cues. Customize emergency screens by area in the facility, providing location-specific directions.


From exterior screens to video walls to interactive kiosks to employee communications and everywhere in between, effective visual communications ensure employees and visitors have a positive experience in your facility. Read the Omnivex in Banking eBook to learn more.