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From the moment you wake up until you lie down at night, your day is remarkably more digital today than a decade ago – or even a few years ago. With the new digital age comes unprecedented access to information. So let's take a peek at an average day in the life of a working professional and examine how digital signage influences the day:


  • Highway signs - As you drive into work, the highway signs update and let you know there is a lane blocked ahead, and it will take 35 minutes to reach your exit.
  • Parking screen - You head into the office. The digital screen at the parking garage entrance indicates Levels 1 and 2 are full, but spots are available on Level 3. You drive straight there and scan the colored lights over the parking spaces for a green one so you can park your car.
  • KPI dashboard - The KPI screen in your department provides you with a real-time view of how the business is doing. Sales numbers are up, but there seems to be a spike in support calls.
  • Interactive kiosk - You pop out for lunch and order your meal from the self-service kiosk in your favorite restaurant. The screen highlights several new menu items you haven't tried before, and you go with the seasonal soup.
  • Meeting room screen - Back in the office, you check the screen outside the conference room to see if it is available. You have a quick round of meetings in the conference room. 
  • Wait time screen - After leaving work, you pop into the bank and see a line. The digital screen in the lobby advises of a 15-minute wait, so you decide to stay.
  • Video wall - While you wait in line at the bank, the video wall in the branch keeps you entertained with product and service info. You make a mental note to investigate some of the mutual funds advertised.
  • Arrival screen - On the way home, you stop at the airport to pick up a visiting relative. Luckily their flight is on time!


Digital signage touches our lives at multiple points throughout the day. It may be in ways we expect, like video walls or interactive kiosks, but it is often present in less obvious ways, like the electronic signs we read during our commutes. Ultimately, however, digital signage enables us to make more informed and, thus, far better decisions at just about every turn.

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