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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is enabling organizations to create a more personalized digital communications experience. The AI market is predicted to rise to nearly $60 billion by 2025.

AI Will Provide Tremendous Growth Opportunities

AI permits machines to learn from data in much the same way as the brain does and then use that knowledge to perform human-like tasks. Artificial intelligence is used in some very exciting applications, including speech recognition, complex problem solving, and voice-enabled digital assistants. Communications and media companies have embraced AI. Accenture Strategy research found that 63 percent of telecommunications executives believe AI deployment will drive additional revenue and growth opportunities. That’s why 72 percent of these same executives identify AI as a Top Three business priority currently or within one year. It’s clear that AI is the future of digital communications.

AI Allows Personalization and Segmentation on a Level Never Seen Before

Customers expect a personalized experience with information that is relevant to them. AI helps deliver that experience by enabling organizations to draw on the vast amount of historical data they have have collected and leverage it to deliver the targeted content. For example, digital signage can detect that a shopper entering a store is a female with curly hair. Using AI the shopper is shown store items that customers like her have purchased. Artificial Intelligence can also predict other offer aspects, like the quoted price necessary to make a conversion or which clients are more prone to making more than one purchase. Machines have the power to process huge amounts of data, quickly decide which data is most relevant, and then segment appropriately.

AI Will Transform Digital Communications

AI solutions for digital communications are becoming even more customizable, allowing the optimization of digital advertising and algorithm-generated content. For example, AI can determine which ad to display by interpreting audience engagement levels and comparing them to historical behavior data. In fact, digital signage networks that use AI increase content relevancy by up to 50 percent. As these tools evolve they will reach a point where they are able to surpass human ability. Gartner predicts by 2020 85% of customer interactions will be managed by artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence can help improve the productivity, efficiency, and profitability of your digital communications.