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In today’s digital business environment, savvy companies are conflicted about what makes employees productive. Google gives its employees a luxurious work experience including free buffet meals, gym access, and shuttles to and from work; all perks designed to keep employees happily in the office. Facebook and Twitter follow a similar model to Google.

Other companies such as Automattic, GitHub, and Mozilla have decided that allowing employees to work from home is the best gift they can give.  All three companies have taken a distributed approach, meaning the majority of employees work remotely. In either office situation communication with and between employees is a corporate priority that has significant impact on productivity and employee engagement.

Advantages of digital communication in office environments

Collaborative software, videoconferencing, and web-based tools have removed barriers to telecommuting. One recent report by Global Workforce Analytics and FlexJobs found telecommuting by employees has grown by 159% since 2005. The challenge for business leaders is to ensure that remote employees are both productive and engaged.

It is important that organizations don’t treat remote employees as, “out of sight, out of mind!” All employees either in the office or remote need access to the right communications tools to do their jobs effectively and efficiently.  Omnivex provides a digital communications software platform that organizations can use to create first-class engagement for distributed employees. It helps organizations optimize employee productivity, leading to lower costs and increased revenue.

Solutions-based digital communication

Management needs their employees to have a positive and supportive culture. Great cultures do not happen because one hopes they will; rather great cultures are created, nurtured, and adapted to employee needs.

Omnivex Moxie and Omnivex Ink enable employers to easily collect, process, and deliver targeted real-time information across the entire organization on any screen. Connecting people with real-time visual information where and when it is needed, empowers employees to make better decisions. With the Omnivex platforms organizations can enhance employee engagement, improve access to information, manage costs, improve productivity, drive revenue growth and improve customer experience with digital communications on a variety of devices.