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6 ways digital signage enhances guest experience in hotels

Digital signage makes perfect sense for hotels because it can inform, entertain, and even perform some services for guests. Today's digital signage solutions are very easy to use and provide crystal clear images your guests will appreciate. Here are several ways digital signage enhances guest experience and general hotel operations:

1. Advertising

If your hotel has multiple restaurants or bars, digital signage is perfect for informing guests about their options. While waiting to check in, a guest view dining options, learn about hours and specialties, as well as any special events like live entertainment. Additionally, digital signage can advertise your in-house fitness center, spa, retail stores, and convention facilities.

2. Interactive kiosks

Interactive digital kiosks can take care of "concierge" services quickly and cost-effectively. For example, such an interactive display could be used by guests to make dinner reservations, or to reserve tickets for a nearby movie theater or choose among attractions and learn about show times, operating hours, and admissions. Also, if your hotel is near popular tourist attractions, your staff may spend significant time repeating information to guests, and this can take time away from critical hotel functions. Digital signage is perfect for conveying information about nearby attractions. 

3. Schedules

Hotels that host business functions can use digital signage to display things like conference schedules and directions to registration tables. Electronic "door cards" are small reader boards used near meeting rooms to identify events, meeting times, and speakers. Additionally, digital signage in public areas can display local transit schedule, real-time flight information, and other important details for guests traveling.

4. Real-time information

Digital signage displaying real-time local and national news and weather can be placed in your lobby to keep guests up to date on big stories. People on vacation or attending business functions may not have time to keep up with news like they do at home. An architectural video wall in your lobby can provide welcome information with a serious "wow" factor.

5. Crowd control

Hotels are busy places with hundreds, even thousands, of people move throughout the facility each day. In the wake of COVID-19, controlling crowds is critical. Digital signage takes the pressure off staff trying to manage crowd control. It can assist in tracking people entering and leaving facilities, particularly in conjunction with IoT sensors and integrations. Important capacity information can easily be shared on any screen.  

6. Directional signage digital signage in hotels and convention centres

Hotels are facilities cover thousands of square feet and often multiple buildings. Digital signage can be used to help people get where they need to go quickly, efficiently, and without need extra staff available to provide directions. Interactive wayfinding screens enable guests to locate where they want to go and plot the best route to get there. Digital screens can also be quickly update to reflect changes in the facility such as maintenance or renovations. The screens can also be quickly taken over during emergency situations to provide important information.


Whether you operate a small, independent hotel or are part of a large hotel enterprise, digital signage solutions exist in the right size, configuration, and price point for your needs. Not only can these systems engage and inform guests, they can be used to keep employees informed too. The result: quick return on investment, happier employees, and more satisfied guests.