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Digital Signage With Intelligence

Digital signage has long been recognized for its power to communicate messages and influence behavior, and the reasons are clear.

According to research published on NeuroscienceNews.com, as much as 80 percent of all the sensory data we receive from the environment is visual. Other information indicates that digital signage has an 83 percent recall rate, and people retain 65 percent of visually presented information after three days.

While the incorporation of Internet-of-Things devices such as timers and temperature sensors has for years allowed deployers to refine the messages displayed on digital displays based on changes to their environment, new technologies have added another dimension to digital signage content: intelligence.

Combining digital displays with IoT devices and artificial intelligence tools allows content to be elevated from simple, prescheduled video clips to real-time messaging based on the conditions of their surroundings. And in these turbulent times, these devices provide value because the customer experience in airports, sports stadiums, restaurants or other space where people gather is going to be paramount as the COVID-19 pandemic subsides and the world reopens. People want to feel safe, they want a seamless experience, and they want a more personalized experience. Providing a great customer experience is going to be a requirement to attract people back into public spaces, otherwise they’ll go elsewhere or stay home.

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