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How Do You Digitalize the Workplace?

A popular area of discussion is the digitalization of the workplace, but what does that really mean? The digital workplace can take many different shapes and forms and will vary by organization. At Omnivex we believe that digital communications on devices like digital screens, video walls, interactive kiosks and tablets will play an integral role in the digital workplace. Gone are the days of walls of closed door offices. Today many work environments have evolved into free flowing workplaces that enable collaborative work and with employees who often work virtually. In these environments the communication of information, such as corporate messages, departmental KPIs, has become increasingly important. For these organizations - how do you ensure that the right people are getting the right messages at the right time?

In other industries like manufacturing and healthcare you have large portions of the workforce that aren't tied to computers and digitizing the workplace with devices like digital signs is helping improve productivity, increase employee satisfaction and improve safety. Digital signs are getting real-time information to people where and when they need it, enabling them to make informed decisions.

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What type of technologies are helping digitalize work? While not a new technology, digital screens are one of the primary technologies being used by a number of organizations to help digitalize the workplace. These screens are reducing the need for paper signage, company-wide emails, and many other historic ways of communicating with a dispersed workforce.

Omnivex was mentioned in a  Gartner report - What Does It Mean to Digitalize Work?1. “The report mentions that shared screens will grow in businesses as well. There will be computing available to anyone near the screen or microphone — no handheld personal device necessary. In all these automations, more and more physical items are eliminated as work steps too are eliminated or speeded or otherwise enhanced and augmented. Paper is gone. Plastic is gone. Data entry is simplified and enriched.”

1 - https://www.gartner.com/en/documents/3043921