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Improving Customer Experience With IOT Devices And Edge Computing

Information is a critical element in creating a personalized experience and the more information you have, the better the experience you can create. Using IoT devices we can now collect more information than ever before and can deliver it intelligently on digital signage screens, providing contextual messaging that improves the visitor experience in public venues such as airports, sports arenas, and conference spaces. From cameras, to sensors, RFID tags, and many others, we are awash in devices that collect data. Sensors are used in spaces such as airports to automate changes to wayfinding and enable gesture based control in a touchless environment making people comfortable interacting with kiosks. Edge computing collects data from local devices and uses it to determine the content shown on an individual digital screen.

In the webinar recording below Chris Devlin, President of Omnivex and Cheol Kim, General Manager of Global Retail/Gaming/Entertainment Business Unit at Intel, discuss:

  • How IoT devices can help people better navigate spaces
  • Opportunities for incorporating IoT devices to create a seamless experiences for visitors in facilities such as airports
  • Progress organizations have made at implementing IoT devices
  • The ROI on implementing a connected communications solution