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During the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies moved their business virtual. Millions of square feet of office space sat empty while employees worked from home offices, kitchen tables - anywhere they could find a quiet space. Over the last number of months, offices have started to reopen. In many cases, companies are reimagining how they will operate going forward. Digital signage provides several unique ways to communicate information and create an office environment that reflects post-pandemic needs.

Seven popular ways to use digital signage in the office

  • Room signage - Manage the booking of workspaces, meeting rooms, and traffic around the office with digital signage.   
  • Virtual receptionist - Monitor who is coming and going with a simple screen interface.
  • KPI dashboards - Share real-time results and key performance metrics on digital screens throughout your organization. Target specific KPIs to a particular screen based on location, department, and more.
  • Employee recognition  - Use digital signage to highlight important individual, team or company accomplishments.
  • Schedules - Share real-time scheduling information for teams, individuals, and more on digital screens or mobile phones. Connect screens with Outlook and other scheduling applications for real-time digital signage solutions.
  • Wayfinding - Make navigating corporate campuses or multi-floor offices easy with wayfinding screens. Directions can be made portable with a quick scan of a QR code from a mobile phone.
  • Emergency notifications - Keep people safe by enabling emergency notifications to take over digital screens and share instructions or updates.

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