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Donors are vital to the success of many organizations, including schools, hospitals, and non-profits. It takes a community of individuals and companies to ensure the success of these organizations, and it is crucial to recognize their contributions. A digital donor wall is one of many ways to recognize contributions from individuals, companies, and the community. 

Retention Is Important

Donor retention is hugely important for any organization involved in fundraising. The Fundraising Effectiveness Project estimates the donor retention rate for non-profits to be approximately 45%. The cost of acquiring a donor isn't unlike acquiring a customer, so keeping them is critical. Unfortunately, lack of connection and recognition are two of the most common reasons donors stop giving. Donors want to feel valued and their contributions appreciated.

Digital signage provides a way to recognize donors - digitally! It also provides a way to take fundraising campaigns to a new level with real-time information.

Digital Donor Wall

Highlight the individuals and organizations that have contributed to an organization's success. Create visual profiles of key donors that incorporate company logos, photos, and other exciting information. Incorporate eye-catching videos to highlight the results of donations - new facilities, equipment, scholarship recipients, medical advances, and more. In addition, the donor wall design should emphasize the importance of contributions and what those donations mean to the organization.

Real-time information

Use a digital donor wall to run a real-time fundraising campaign. Integrate the donor wall with fundraising platforms to show a real-time list of contributors. Build excitement and generate interest in a fundraising campaign by graphically showing progress towards the goal. 

Highlight donation size with markers for categories - for example, less than $5,000; $5,000 - $15,000; etc. Make each category visually distinct. Integrate 4K video and relevant visuals to grab attention. Interactive touchscreens enable users to drill down into the information and learn more about fundraising and donors.

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Faculty and Department Digital Signage

Run faculty or department-specific fundraising campaigns on digital signage in departmental buildings. Highlight individual or corporate donations to a specific faculty or department on screens only in that space. For example, in a hospital, screens in the oncology department can highlight donors to that particular area, or on a university campus, highlight donations to the business school only in related spaces.

Take fundraising efforts to a new level with a digital donor wall. Recognize donors, build awareness, and run real-time fundraising campaigns.

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