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That's right; it's that time of year again - the most wonderful time of the year - the holidays! And since it's the holidays, we thought it would be a perfect time to go over our Digital Signage Holiday Wish List. It's a wish list of must-have features to make managing digital signage and communications easier every day (we like gifts that keep on giving). So, what would make managing a digital signage system easier? Grab a cup of eggnog, and read on!  

10 - User Management - Digital signage usually involves a lot of people; writers, designers, motion graphic artists, network administrators, programmers, to name a few. The ability to control what a user can do in the system is essential.  

9 -  Content Scheduling - Successful digital signage solutions involve getting the right content in front of the right people at the right time.  You need a system that allows you to schedule content by date, time, and location.  

8 - Remote Player Management - Your digital signage network likely spans many locations and has multiple players. Managing players remotely is a critical component of a solid digital signage solution.  

7 - System on Chip Screens - SoC Screens are becoming increasingly popular. So having a software platform that allows you to manage SoC screens makes sense.  

6 - Intelligent Playlists - Optimize your digital signage delivery with data. Use intelligent playlists with conditions and rules to make managing your network easy. 

5 - Real-time information - The benefits of a system that allows you to use real-time data are immeasurable. Nothing helps you get the right content where it needs to be - in front of your audience - than real-time data.

4 - Data Integration - We have multiple tools and information sources in our day-to-day work. A digital signage system that integrates data from multiple sources into one easily accessible platform is essential.

3 - Connect to IoT Devices - The Internet of Things has definitely made its way into our lives (Smart Refrigerators!). When you connect the Internet of Things (IoT) with digital signage, the possibilities are endless. Integrate room sensors, smartphones - the list goes on - into your digital signage for a better experience.  

2 - Push Information to any Screen - What is a digital sign? Or better yet, what can be a digital sign? We all have smartphones and tablets. Incorporating these devices into your digital signage network broadens your reach.

1 - Quickly and Easily Share Content - A digital signage network that includes digital signs, kiosks, smartphones, real-time data, and is IoT enabled allows you to quickly and easily share the latest content with your audience. 

What is on  your digital signage wish list?

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